Free Books

Get any of over 500 of these Books FREE if you help me out!

You can get any of our over 500 titles of books at that include Dogs, Cats, Horses, Kids, Thrillers, Adult, and other fun titles!

You can find all these titles on Amazon, Barns & Noble, ibookstore, Google Books, Lulu, Audible, Smashwords, Bookcountry, itunes, and much more. You can get these in paperback, digital and audio.

You can get these exact same books from me FREE if you help me out! 

If you do one of the following things for me, just snap a screen shot of your computer and email it to me, or send me proof some other way, and then include the title of the book you want, so I can email the digital copy to you.  And remember to make sure you tell me what book you want?

You can do any one of these items for me for a FREE book, thank you:

  1. List 7 ads on Craigslist of roughly the same ad above, you can change it around also, you can use any of the pictures of our books also.
  2. Post 5 ads on Ebay Classifieds.
  3. Post 10 ads on Backpage.
  4. Post 10 ads on BuySellCommunity.
  5. Post 10 ads on ClassifiedAds.
  6. Make 1 Youtube video showing any of the 500 books and more we have, you can use any of the pictures you want also.
  7. Post 3 Facebook posts about FREE books, or post pictures of any of the books you like.
  8. Tweet 10 different tweets about fun2readbooks or Vince Stead, or tweet 5 tweets and include pictures of different books you want to pick out to tweet about.

After you do one of those things, just email me the proof, and let me know what FREE book you want me to email to you, and you can do more than one, so you can get lots of FREE books from me if you help me out, I will help you out!  Please email

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