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How to Get Even and Revenge With Pranks on Anyone!

This book will give you some help on getting even with a bad neighbor, or mean boss, or business that did you wrong. Even an ex-lover or anyone else that did you wrong!

In this book, you will find many ways to get even or revenge on someone, and the best revenge, is when they do not know it came from you!

Try not to break any laws, and the best revenge is always forgiveness, but if you don’t have that in your heart, and you want and eye for any eye, then read on!


Learn the fundamentals and basics of some of the world's most popular sports. Read the different aspects of each sport, and find a sport that you want to play and enjoy!

1. Golf: The Element's of Playing Golf

2. Hockey: A Very Interesting Sport

3. Tennis: A Good Way to Stay Active and Fit

4. Tennis: Another Example of the Game

5. Soccer: How to Play Soccer

6. Basketball: A Team Sport

7. Basketball: Another Example of the Game

8. Football: The Biggest Sport

9. Football: Another Example of the Game

10. Baseball: Easy Rules to Play the Game

11. Racquetball: Simple & Basic Rules

12. Dodge Ball: How To Play Dodge Ball

13. How to Play Horse Shoes

14. How to Play Lacrosse

15. How to Play Volleyball

16. Boxing



Candy the Fun Horse
1. Candy Wins The Race 

2. Candy Meets Shimmer 

3. Candy, Shimmer and the Big Race 

4.Candy's New Job 

5.Candy Becomes a Police Horse 

6.Candy and Officer Ryan 

7.Candy's Adventure 

8.Candy the Curious Horse 

9.The Story of Candy



Dexter the Dog Goes on Some Adventures
1. Dexter in Las Vegas 

2. Dexter and His New Farm Friends 

3. Dexter to the Rescue 

4. How Dexter Spoiled our Swimming Escapades 

5. Dexter Steals the Girls Clothes 

6. Dexter and His Success 

7. City of Magic


Children's Safety and What You Should Know
1. Children’s Safety: The Importance of Having a Fence Around Your Pool 2. Playing With an Oven Can be Bad 3. The Effects of Eating Too Much Candy And Sweets 4. Important Things to Remember When Riding Your Bike 5. The Dangers of Playing Behind Parked Cars 6. Dangers of Climbing Telephone Poles 7. Dangers of Electrical Appliances and Water Together 8. Dangers of Electrical Outlets

The Tree that Wood be:  Nature's Remedies
Once upon a time there was a tree named Ashby that lived in a meadow with eyes as blue as the sky and a nest top hat that his best friend Scarlet lived in. 

Ashby started out as a small apple seed and had grown into a large apple tree that gave the largest and sweetest from any of the other apple trees in the meadow. 

Scarlet was as red as the apples on Ashby's branches, with a crown of red feathers on top of her head and rose colored glasses, because through her eyes, her world was a beautiful place to live in. 

Ashby and Scarlet had been best friends for quite some time and their friendship meant a lot to each other. They could talk about anything to each other and they did every day. 

1. Meet Ashby and Scarlet 

2. Timmy Gets Sunburn and Discovers the Aloe Plant 

3. Cranberry Crunch 

4. Scarlet and Lavender 

5. Sara’s Chamomile Tea Party 

6. The Catnip Cure 

7. The Secret of Sage 

8. Ashby’s Natural Remedy Recipes


The Tree that Wood be:  Emotions
"Ugh!!" Scarlet tweeted in frustration at her top hat nest. 

"What is wrong Scarlet?" Ashby asked her. 

"This straw will not stay where it is supposed to stay! It is so frustrating!" Scarlet tweeted loudly. 

"You sound really frustrated. Maybe you should calm down and rest a little, then try it again." Ashby said calmly. "We don't need your emotions getting out of control, now." 

"Emotions?" Scarlet asked. “What are emotions?” 

"Yes, emotions." Ashby answered and continued, "Your feeling of frustration is an emotion. Different people feel different emotions at all times. Whether it's calm and relaxed, happy, sad, angry, etc… like right now you are feeling frustrated. That is called an emotion and we deal with them every day of our lives... good and bad." 

"Really?" Scarlet tweeted, still having her feathers ruffled. "Tell me more about emotions Ashby." 

1. Scarlet Learns About Emotions 

2. Timmy Loses Max 

3. Sara’s Surprise Party 

4. Ashby and Scarlet Are Afraid 

5. Scarlet is in Love 

6. Timmy Feels Loneliness



Parents Guide to Autism:  True Life Story, Tips and More!

     My dear sweet little guy was "sunny-side up" and turned around, so I was scheduled for a C-Section on August 10, 2004 in the morning. They had estimated a few weeks too early and my son was taken to NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and hooked up to all sorts of machines and a life support machine was waiting nearby. 

His lungs weren't fully developed yet. He stayed in the NICU for about three weeks. There were complications of him not breathing or he would stop breathing when he would be fed. 

Finally I was able to bring him home and then the adventure of Nick started! 

After I brought Nick home from the hospital, he started progressing as any normal child would. He began speaking with words like, "mama", "dada", "kitty" (we have two cats). 
He started to first roll around and then shortly thereafter he began to crawl. He loved to eat and whenever he would hear his spoon scrape the bottom of the jar, he would get upset and cry because he knew there would be no more food until his next feeding.................................... 

Nick was progressing as a normal baby and child would. The summer of 2006, I started noticing changes in him. He wasn’t smiling as much anymore, he had stopped talking and “jibber jabbering”, he wasn’t crawling or beginning to walk anymore. It was as if everything he had learned, began to go in reverse. 

When I took him to get his shots in October, I asked his pediatrician, who had been with him since his birth, if she noticed in changes in him. She observed him for a while and informed me that something doesn’t look like it’s “connecting right” in his head. She wrote a referral for Nick to get evaluated at Children’s Hospital. 

An appointment was made in the Developmental Psychiatric Department in mid-November. 

My husband and I both were there. Nick was evaluated for about three to four hours. Finally, when the testing was over, we walked into the doctor’s office. She informed us that she had given Nick a series of tests and situations. 

At his age he should be walking, talking, interested in coloring, puzzles, playing with toys the correct way, like normal kids do. He was doing none of that. She also assessed that he was hyperactive and could not focus on one thing for too long. He was also tested for hearing and vision. 

Her assessment was that he had perfect hearing and vision, but he also had ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). 

I was not familiar with any of these terms. The doctor then went into details about each disorder. I was trying hard to listen and pay attention to what she was saying and I got most of it. It was hard when a doctor tells you that your child suffers from life long disorders. Your mind tends to wander and wonder if your child will ever be “normal” again.


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How I Stopped Smoking On My Own After Smoking A Pack A Day for 23 Years

“I stayed in my garage and lit up a cigarette, and then I smoked it. Then I lit up another one and smoked it, and I don't think I ever smoked one right after the other, unless I was drinking.”

“I lit up a 3rd cigarette, and I could not almost smoke that one, and then I started inhaling the cigarette smoke into my nose, and it was burning me. My eyes were burning, and I started thinking, I hate these cigarettes, and then I lit up another one, and smoked it!”

“I smoked it, until I could hardly smoke it, and then I snorted it up my nostrils, until it was burning so bad, my body hated it! I have not smoked a cigarette in over 10 years now, and never even had a desire the next morning, learn how I taught myself not to have a craving inside, and other stories from the same author that will blow your mind maybe.”


    Vince Stead's 110 Jobs Almost Any Teenager Can Start!

    Just because you might be young, does not mean you cannot start your own business!  If you're at that turning road in your life, between going to college, working, or joining the military, you should check out this book, so you can start your own business right away!

    This book covers all kinds of businesses, that almost any teenager can start, and adults too! Jobs like: Remote Control Aerial Photography, Document Shredding, Internet Auctions Lister, Window Washing Service, Mobile Auto Detail, Tree Stump Grinding, Lawn Aeration, Curb Address Painting, Pool Cleaning, Mobile Security Service, Chimney Sweep, High Pressure Washing, Mobile Welding, and many other jobs you can start! You can find a fun job inside this book! You can start any one of these 110 jobs as a hobby, or work at it part time, or turn it into a full time business!


                            Sammy the Runaway Mastiff

This book is also available as an audio book from Amazon, itunes, and

    Sammy is a Mastiff dog that breaks out of his kennel to explore his neighborhood and the world!  He meets other animals in his neighborhood, and then he gets lost while discovering his own town!  He is lost and meets new friends along the way who help him and feed him.

    Meanwhile, back at home, Jazmyn is worried sick she might never see Sammy again, since he broke out of his kennel!  Sammy meets a boy named Stevie that lives over a bakery his dad owns.  Sammy meets a new dog named Ginger, that helps him on his journey to get back home. They are chased by security guards, and almost run over by a tractor, and a death defying
bridge crossing, and fast moving cars everywhere! You will love Sammy, he is the nicest, friendliest "gentle giant" dog there is!


                   The Back Yard Kids Club

    Max lives in the city, and his father tells him that they will be moving to the suburbs. 
    Max has his friends that live in the city, and he plays in the city, and he lives above a bakery in downtown. 
    Max moves to the suburbs, and makes some new friends. He discovers that his new house is near the woods, ponds, lakes and much more fun places to play and discover like that! 
    The kids in the neighborhood ride mini bikes and dirt bikes, go fishing, make hot air balloons to fly across the neighborhood and much more fun!


12 Different Stories of Brave Dogs and More!

Have a lot of fun reading about the different things these funny dogs get into:

















6 fun date ideas to win her heart volume 1
I have been dating since I was fifteen years old, I have had my fill of good dates and bad dates. I am pretty sure we have all had those dates from hell that we tell our friends or ones that we just soon want to forget. 

So, what about the ones that turned out perfect? Don’t have too many of those? Don’t worry, because in this book I will give you some ideas and dates from start to finish for fun first dates, romantic dates, creative dates, indoor dates, outdoor dates, cheap dates that are easy on your wallet and even a date for those who are miles apart in a long distance relationship. 

Guys always want to impress a girl and sweep her off her feet, but sometimes have no clue as to where to start. Females by nature are great planners, especially when it comes to events, dinners, parties, and yes, even dates. Why? Because we pay attention to detail and that is what is the most important thing. 

Details tell a girl how you feel about her. Simple details to intricate ones, either way they are signs of what you really feel about the girl. If you take a lot of time planning a great date, that tells the girl that you are interested in her and want to get to know her better, especially if it’s a date that allows you two to talk and get to know each other better. Girls love dates like that! 

Taking a girl out, tossing a burger down her throat and taking her to a movie is just plain boring. That’s something you do AFTER you have won her heart and even then, it’s questionable. Whatever happened to the courtship of dating? 

When you take the time to plan and give her a date to remember, it shows that you care and want to impress the girl. You don’t have to have a lot of money either to do this.


For cats only:  How to train your human and more!
Hello my little kittens and those cats who have not yet mastered the art of training your human. I, Miss Kitty, will guide you through the world of humans and how to train them. You see, humans don’t come with manuals. However, they think they have cornered the market on manuals on how to raise and train us feline masterminds. 

Correction. Cats can’t be trained. I repeat. Cats cannot and will not be trained. Humans seem to have this misconception that we cats are trainable. WRONG! We choose our humans and everyone knows that. Your human did not choose you! You chose them! Whether they knew it or not, we made the choice of going home with our humans. 
For example; say you were at a pet store and you saw your human come inside the pet store. You think to yourself, ‘Well, he’s a little round around the waist, that means he eats good, which means he will feed me really good. I want to go home with him today.” Then, you meow and put on your best kitten face and play with a ball and act really cute. I know, it’s demeaning, but you’re a kitten, what do you know about anything? 

You chose your human and made him realize that. Your human sees you and picks you up. You've already staked your claim on him and snuggle up to him and purr and look cute, which of course comes natural for us cats, looking cute and all. Your human takes you home and then the fun begins! 

This is where you need to learn how to train your human so that you can live in peace and harmony by YOUR own rules. Trust me, it will happen. All you have to do is follow this guide and I will teach you everything you need to know! Just remember, never, NEVER let your human or humans if you decide to live with a pack of them, never let them see this book. If you do, I shall get out the big water bottle, and we all know that water bottles are evil and have no place in our homes and should be destroyed!



Kids cookbook:  20 recipes for kids to make
Welcome to a cookbook for kids! In this book you will find 20 recipes for your parents, siblings or anyone else you want to treat special by cooking for them. I will give you recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and our favorite… dessert! 
Remember to always clean up your mess in the kitchen, that’s also part of cooking. You don’t want to make a nice meal for someone and then leave a mess for them to clean up! Always be mindful of the kitchen and clean up along the way, to make things easier for yourself. If you spill milk, or drop flour on the counter, wipe it clean immediately. Mom doesn't want to walk into her kitchen and wonder what on earth you are doing to her kitchen! 

You can use these recipes for your friends too! With adult supervision, make a day in the kitchen with your friends and have some fun, especially on a rainy day when you can’t go outside to play. Don’t vegetate in front of the television or video game screen, make your own yummy veggie snack! 

Create a camp-out in your own home and make some foods that you would normally eat when you are out camping when the weather is nice. There are all sorts of fun ideas you can do with the recipes and ideas for yummy and delicious desserts and meals to make for you and your loved ones. 

Make sure you have an apron on also, so you don’t make a mess of yourself. Besides, all the great chefs have a cool apron to wear when they are creating their masterpieces in the kitchen, just like you will be doing!


A love spell gone awry
Things were starting to get out of control. I didn't know what was happening. Everywhere I went, guys were falling in love with me. Guys I had never met before, never knew existed were asking me out, bringing me flowers, following me, writing me love poems, etc… 

Somewhere things went wrong. I remembered seeing that movie Love Potion No. 9 and thinking to myself how cool it would be for guys to be falling over me to talk to me or just to have me smile at them. For guys to fall in love with me without ever meeting me before. I soon changed my mind once it actually started happening to me. 
I guess I am talking in riddles and should explain things a little better to you. It all started four months ago… 

My best friend Jessica had been having problems with her boyfriend and they were heading for a break-up. He wasn't giving her enough attention and was spending all of his time with his friends after school and on the weekends. It was our first year of college and we had both had our boyfriends since high school. 

For the following two months after they had broken up, Jessica had been miserable. Then out of nowhere her boyfriend, Chad, called her begging her to come back to him. He told her that he couldn't live without her, that he missed her, that he made mistakes, that he would do anything to get her back. Of course Jessica took him back. And ever since then, Chad has spent as much time with her as she wants, he doesn't hang out with his friends when Jessica wants to spend time with him and he has become more romantic and loving. Basically, he has become the perfect model boyfriend and Jessica soon became the envy of every girl. 

Really hot cheerleaders from our college were coming up to Chad and flirting with him and he would totally ignore them whether Jessica was around or not. Chad was a football player, so he was a prime catch for a college cheerleader. His only love focus was on Jessica.



Where to send your child:  Private, public or home school?  Volume 1
As a parent you wonder how you will pick the best school for your child to attend? 

You have three choices as a parent; public, private or home schooling. Even if you are paying tuition for a school, the deciding factors are always important. 

In Volume 1, I will go over the three types of schools, public, private and home school. I will break them down into sub-categories and explain each one to you and then go over the pros and cons of each type of school. Hopefully this information will help you in deciding what type of school you want to send your child to. 

If you're determined to have someone else teach your child, then the age long debate of private school or public school will cross your mind on more than one occasion. So many factors come into play when making this decision. One of them being finances. That is, your financial situation. Then of course deciding on what is best for your child. 

Some wonder how can we possibly compare two things that are so different? It’s like comparing night and day or oranges and apples. How can we compare two different things that are so obviously not held to the same standards? 

I went to private Catholic school for my years of education up until the ninth grade. My first eight years were a co-ed private Catholic school, then I attended an all-girls private Catholic school, then I went on to a public co-ed high school. I've seen the differences in the amount of education that is emphasized. When it comes down to it, you get what you pay for. 

It’s like buying a more expensive car. It looks better, runs better and is sharper and probably has more whistles and bells on it. But, if you go the economical way and buy a car that is not so expensive, it will still get you places where you want to go. 

Well, it all depends on how you go about doing it though. There are many public schools out there that offer the same kind of education that a private school would. Take into consideration the schools that offer honors courses or advanced placement courses. A lot of public high schools offer college prep courses. It depends on how serious you and your child will be taking their education and not just “go through the system” to get it over and done with. This is your child’s future you are talking about and it should mean the world to you.



Where to send your child:  Private, public or home school?  Volume 2
Wow! Great job! You have gone through the selection process of finding the best education suited for your child! You've planned and asked questions, toured the schools, sent in the applications, received acceptance or decline letters. 
Just think how your son or daughter will benefit from your diligence and research. They will know that you took an active involvement in their education by getting all the information you needed to know from each potential school. 

Your son or daughter will appreciate the fact that you did your research, visited the schools, talked to the teachers and principal and even students attending the school. You have exercised what every parent has a right to do. You chose your child's education and that will be such a big impact on their future that you took interest. 

But, you're not finished yet! It's only begun! You need to continue to stay involved in your son or daughter's education until they are complete with school. You need to encourage them on a daily basis to stay focused and work hard. As a parent, it is your right and responsibility to maintain the best education for your son or daughter. They will thank you for it for years to come!



The wheelchair races:  Billy's triumph
Billy wheeled himself down the corridor at school. The buzzing of the students filled the halls. It was the last week of school before summer break. The eighth graders were going to be graduating that night and in three months starting high school. 
William Matthew Warner was no different than any other kid at school who would be graduating that night and moving up to the next level in education. Everyone knew him as Billy, but he was not like other kids his age. When school is over, the kids will be outside running about under the warm sun. But, Billy couldn't run because he was bound to a wheelchair. 

Since birth, Billy hadn't been able to walk due to a muscular disorder. The doctors and specialists told his parents that he would be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Billy had always dreamed of walking and dancing like the other kids, but he knew he would never be able to do that ever. 

He always envied the other kids who could walk, run and play sports. The big eighth grade dance was in two days and he knew that he would never be able to ask anyone out because he couldn't dance with them. It was no fun to just go to a dance and sit and watch. 

Billy went over to his bottom locker and his friend Allison was there. Allison had been a friend of Billy’s since they were in the first grade together. Allison also lived next to Billy and they had played together as well when they were younger. 

Now Allison was a cheerleader and was on the volleyball team as the captain. She was a popular girl at school and always had a lot of friends around her.


Haunted connections:  A collection of ghost stories
Ouija Board Playtime: 

It was Cassie’s 21st birthday and she had her friends over to celebrate her special day. Her friends had brought her a birthday cake, ice cream and lots of presents. They had been celebrating since the early evening. It was getting close to midnight now and Cassie and her friends were feeling a little buzzed from the wine coolers they had been drinking. 

Daryl had bought Cassie an Ouija Board for her birthday. Cassie had always wanted one, but had never gotten around to buying one for herself. She was excited when she had opened her gift from Daryl and saw the big black letters across the box. 

“Let’s play the Ouija Board!” Cassie said out loud excitedly to everyone. “I have never played it before, have any of you?” 

“I have.” Sarah said. 

“Great!” Cassie replied. “I’ll go get some candles to light.” She then got up and grabbed some candles from the kitchen and lit them all and placed them on the table. 

Then Cassie, Sarah, Daryl, Nick, Rachel and Tom all sat around the table as Sarah set up the board. “Ok, now everyone take the tips of your fingers and place them on the Ouija marker.” Sarah instructed them. They all placed their fingertips on the Ouija marker. 

“Ouija Board, Ouija Board, bring a spirit to us. Come to us spirit and communicate with us through the Ouija Board.” Sarah kept chanting over and over again. 

Then the marker landed on a “H”. “Oh it’s working!” Cassie said under breath. 

Then the marker landed on an “I”.



The misadventures of Batty the cat
When Batty the cat was born, he was the smallest out of his six brothers and sisters. Batty was born on a farm in a barn near the hay stack in the corner. Farmer Joe had put a blanket out for Batty’s mom, Pickles. Pickles was named Pickles because she was born near a pickle barrel one summer evening. 

Much like Batty’s mother Pickles, Batty was born on a warm summer night. Farmer Steve had heard Pickles howling really loud as she delivered her litter of kittens. Batty was the last to be born. Batty was a black cat with a little patch of white under his tummy. Even though Batty was the smallest, he still wanted to drink as much milk as he could from his mommy. 

When Batty and his litter were old enough, Farmer Ted took the box of kittens to the park and put up a sign that read “FREE KITTENS TO A GOOD HOME”. The litter of kittens went really quick. Except for Batty. Batty was the last one left. 

“Well, why won’t anyone take me home with them?” Batty thought to himself. “I’m just as good as any other cat.” Batty was sad because he thought no one wanted him. 

But, then, he looked up from the box and he saw someone looking down at him smiling. It was a man. “Well, hello there little guy.” The smiling man said. “You look like you need someone to love you.” He then picked up Batty and held him and rubbed his cheek against Batty’s face. Batty was excited. Someone had finally wanted to take him home! “You are perfect!” The man said as he walked back to his car. 

His new owner took him to his car and placed Batty on the car seat next to him. Batty liked feeling close to his new owner. So, he climbed up the side of the car seat and curled up around his new owner’s shoulders, where that would become his favorite place to lie when he was tired. 

Batty was able to look out the window and see the big world around him as he was driven to his new home. The world was such a big place! They had driven for a while and finally the car pulled into a driveway. It was a small farmhouse with a lot of land around it. There was even a forest behind the farmhouse.


Downside of Love:  Surviving a break-up
Most of us have all gone through a break-up at least once in our lives. For those who haven’t, you aren't missing much. The hurt, the regret, the sadness and the feeling of failure are just some things that go along with breaking up a relationship. 

Sometimes we see it coming and other times, it is dropped on us like a nuclear bomb. Well, not that drastic, but if you’re the one it’s dropped on, it certainly feels like that world is coming to an end! 

Well, don’t fret! The good news is, your world is not coming to an end, in fact there have been millions of people over the centuries who have survived break-ups and moved on to new and better relationships! And guess what? You can too! 

Maybe you got that call from your significant other that you “need to talk”, or your partner has cheated on you and fell in love with someone else or things just didn't work out well with you both and it was a mutual break-up. Even if it’s a mutual break-up on both your ends, the hurt and sad feelings are still there. Because, no matter what, you shared a part of your life with this person and feelings were there, even if they are not there now. You did care for each other at one time or another and maybe you still do. Every situation is different. 

No matter what the reason for breaking up was and how your relationship ended, well or bad, the feelings after a break-up are pretty much the one and the same. There is always that feeling of sadness, loss, failure, regret, blame, etc… So many emotions to deal with! 

And then there’s the feeling of if you are ever going to meet a new person and if you are ever going to fall in love again. Well, as the saying goes, “When you meet that one person that you spend the rest of your life with, you understand why all the other relationships didn't work out.” It is so true too! 
I was in a relationship for a long time with someone. We had future plans together, talked about all the things we were going to do, and we thought we were soul mates and made for each other. Then one day, I got the message in an e-mail. It was a Dear Jane e-mail letter stating that he had fell out of love with me.




How to hunt & fish for rabbits, ducks, deer, bear, catfish, tuna, shark & more
Learn about different types of hunting and fishing techniques and tricks, and much more.... 
1. How to Go Rabbit Hunting 
2. How to Go Duck Hunting 
3. How to Go Ducking Hunting #2 
4. How to Go Pheasant Hunting 
5. How to Go Pheasant Hunting #2 
6. How to Go Raccoon Hunting 
7. How to Go Opossum Hunting 
8. How to Go Deer Hunting 
9. How to Go Moose Hunting 
10. How to Go Bear Hunting 
11. How to go Bow and Arrow Hunting 
12. The Best Guns to Use for Hunting 
13. How to Trap for Animals 
14. How to hunt from a blind 
15. How to go Freshwater Fishing 
16. How to go Trout Fishing 
17. How to go Bass Fishing 
18. How to go Catfish Fishing 
19. How to go Salmon Fishing 
20. How to go Saltwater Fishing 
21. How to go Tuna Fishing 
22. How to go Tuna Fishing #2 
23. How to go Sailfish Fishing 
24. How to go Shark Fishing 
25. How to go Crab Fishing 
26. How to go Lobster Fishing 
27. How to go Fly Fishing 
28. How to go Spear Fishing 
29. How to go Ice Fishing


What They Would Do If They Won the Lottery
I look at the numbers on the screen, then looked at my numbers. “No way.” I said, not realizing I said it out loud until I noticed my friends looking at me. 

“What?” Becky said. I saw the smile on her face and realized what they had done. They rigged my card, this was probably just one of the past drawings. They have always made fun of me because I am one of the only girls in the group who plays the lottery with the guys. Even Becky just hangs out. 

“Very funny.” I said with a dry smile. 

Becky was a very bad actor, her “confused” face was obviously fake. But she kept the act going. 


“Come on!” I said as I rolled my eyes. Everyone stared at me, “wondering” what was going on. I handed Becky my card. 

“Don’t play dumb with me, I know you guys are just playing with me.” 

They all gathered around my card. Her eyes widened. “We didn't do this,” she whispered. 
I was starting to believe her. That’s when Joey snatched the card from Becky’s hand and started to run. He was always the “sketchy one” of the group, but I was much faster than Joey and automatically got up and grabbed it right out from his hand.


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